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Hearing aid electronic components

The Hearing Experts provides a five-year electronic components warranty on all digital hearing aids and CROS transmitters from the date of invoice, which includes cover for amplifier circuitry, microphones, and receivers. Any problem arising during this time must be reported and the aid(s) returned for repair or exchange.

The warranty covers issues arising from manufacturing defects or normal hearing aid use. This warranty does not cover damage from improper handling/use or care, excessive cerumen, exposure to chemicals, failure to follow manufacturer's guidelines for use and maintenance, immersion in water or undue stress. Improper use will be defined at the full discretion of The Hearing Experts. Damage caused by third parties or non-authorised service centers renders the warranty null and void. 

External components considered defective must be returned to us referencing the serial number of the original aid to ensure continued warranty cover.

Hearing aid casings and shells

We provide a five-year warranty on all casings and shells for hearing aids and CROS transmitters and includes moving parts such as battery doors/battery covers. The warranty covers any manufacturing defects or problems arising during normal hearing aid use. Any defect caused by improper use is not covered. Water damage, excessive cerumen contamination or defects caused because of improper use are not covered. External components considered defective must be returned to The Hearing Experts. External components cannot be replaced under warranty unless the serial number of the associated hearing aid is provided.

Remote control, chargers & streaming devices

We provides a 24-month warranty on all remote control, chargers, and streaming devices. The warranty covers any issues arising from manufacturing defects. Water damage or defects caused because of improper use are not covered.

Warranty Limitations

Unauthorised, unqualified, or third-party repair work immediately renders any warranty cover invalid.

This warranty does not include any services performed, and associated costs, by a hearing care professional in his/her office.

Loss of any hearing aid or accessory is not covered under our warranty terms and conditions. We recommend taking out an independant insurance policy on your devices to ensure sufficient coverage is achieved.

Wax guards and domes/covers are not covered under warranty, as these items are considered to be consumable items. Wax guards and domes/covers are available to be purchased separately.


Out of warranty repairs

We offer a fixed-rate repair service for hearing aids outside of the warranty period. Components replaced are guaranteed against any manufacturing or material defect arising within 6 months of repair. Where the hearing instrument is no longer viable to repair (for example, due to age or in the incidence of extreme damage or safety to the end-user), we reserve the right to return the instrument as beyond economical repair, offer an upgrade service or an equivalent product at list price. All hearing aids returned outside of warranty will be liable to the ‘fixed repair’ charges. This includes the cost of re-shelling due to damage or shell remake outside of the returns policy - plus all mounting blocks, hinges, covers and locking components. Please contact our customer services team for further details and pricing.


Contact Information

Company name: The Hearing Experts

Tel: +441412 806123


Address: International House, 55 Longsmith street, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL1 2HT, United Kingdom.