Hearing Aid Insurance

Hearing aids are easily lost, misplaced or damaged and typically are one of the most expensive personal possessions an individual can own.

Cover your Hearing Aids with Assetsure

Now that you have acquired your new hearing aids, you will want to make sure that you have adequate hearing aid insurance protection in force. As with any small portable item, these objects are easy to lose or damage accidentally.

Assetsure arrange cover for persons residing in the United Kingdom in respect of loss or damage to hearing devices. (Also included is unexplained disappearance cover as standard)

The policy they offer is especially designed to cover Hearing Aids and there are few exclusions, it also includes unlimited trips abroad of up to 60 days each trip. Assetsure can quote for and insure most types of devices either analogue or digital.

The Hearing Aid Insurance policy covers your aids and all accessories such as bluetooth, remote controls and wireless devices.