5 Steps to better hearing

We know how important your hearing health is, so we ensure your hearing aids are programmed ready to use out of the box.

Our UK based audiologists are always available to assist with any aftercare queries about your new hearing aids.


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If you do not have an audiogram (hearing test result) taken within the last 6 months we can help you find a local provider. An audiogram taken in store with an audiologist will capture the most accurate picture of your hearing health, our online assessment can also be used if this is not possible.


Once you have placed your order, we will send you an email with a  medical questionnaire for you to complete. Our audiologists will review the medical questionnaire and your audiogram to check that your chosen devices are suitable, before programming your hearing aids.


Our audiologists will ensure that your new hearing aids are are best matched to your lifestyle. They will arrive ready to use out of the box. Should you ever need your hearing aids adjusted, our audiologists can fine-tune and reprogramme your hearing aids via the free hearing aid application.

Receivers & Domes

If you are a first time hearing aid user we will include a standard size receiver, this can be exchanged if the fit isnt quite right.  We include a range of dome sizes with your order, allowing you to choose the most comfortable. We will then follow up with a full pack of your chosen dome size.