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Follow our simple 10 step guide, to set up and use your hearing aids;
  1. Download the myPhonak app by clicking the link below. This will be used to pair your hearing aids to your phone and allow me to assist remotely with any aftercare.
  2. Upon receiving the hearing aids, you will find the instruction booklets inside the box. Take your time to read through these to gain a better understanding of your new hearing solution.
  3. For your convenience, the right earpiece is marked with Red, and the left with Blue. 
  4. Your hearing aids are programmed and charged ready for you to wear straight away. The receiver and dome is also connected ready.
  5. Open the myPhonak app on your phone and follow the step by step guide to connect them to your phone, before you wear them.
  6. Watch this video on how to insert the dome and wear your hearing aids.
  7. It's crucial to wear your hearing aids all day throughout the day, even in quiet environments. This helps your brain adapt to and process sounds effectively, contributing to an overall improved experience.
  8. In the evening, remove the hearing aids and place them in the charger overnight as seen here. They will automatically turn off and charge, When you wake up or after your morning routine, take them out of the charger, and they will automatically turn on then securely place them in your ears.
  9. To ensure the hearing aids are set up optimally and you are getting the full benefits available, we suggest you schedule a call with our audiologists at a  convenient time after 2 to 3 days of wearing your hearing aids.
  10. Have a look at our Hearing Aid Insurance page, and consider if you require cover for your hearing aids to ensure you are fully protected should the worse happen. Our Hearing Aid Insurance page can be found here.


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myPhonak App

myPhonak IOS app

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Remote Support

Receive feedback and live tuning from your hearing care professional. Create new sets of feedback within the interface for different environments, such as if you can’t hear people speaking in a restaurant or if the quality of your music isn’t as clear as you would like.


My Hearing Aids

Within the ‘My Hearing Aids’ section you can find all the information about the battery life of each device, average daily wearing time and all of your pre-programmed settings for different environments.


Remote Control

The Remote Control section of the myPhonak app enables you to mute, change the volume of each independent hearing aid and choose to focus more on noise reduction or speech focus.

For those with Tinnitus symptoms, the app also has a Tinnitus masker which amplifies a sound to reduce the symptoms.


Hearing Diary

Through the Hearing Diary within the myPhonak app, you can select a topic from ‘Speech Understanding’, ‘Sound Quality’, ‘Hearing Aid’ or ‘Other’ and rate your experience on each of these topics as well as adding a custom message detailing your specific compliment or issue.