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Signia is a manufacturer of hearing aids under the Siemens brand. With 130 years of experience, the company is an undeniable leader on the international market. The German company has always strived to create audio devices using the best technologies on the market to provide a sound that is as natural as possible for hearing aid users. In fact, Signia hearing devices are among the best solutions currently available on the market thanks to the brand’s significant focus on researching, developing and manufacturing hearing aids.

Signia’s wide range of hearing aids includes devices with a wide range of technology options, such as:

  • ITE (In-the-Ear)
  • RIC (Receiver-in-Canal) microphone
  • BTE (Behind-the-Ear)

All Signia hearing aids offered by the Hearing Experts are discreet, powerful and easy to connect.

Signia develops premium high-performance solutions and technologies for miniaturising hearing aids. Signia hearing aids are equipped with various innovative technologies such as the world’s only instant fit CIC with Binaural OneMic Directionality, now rechargeable (Silk Charge&Go IX). And their groundbreaking Integrated Xperience architecture in a small and sleek RIC device (Pure Charge&Go IX).

With directional microphones, all Signia hearing aids deliver natural sound quality and make it easy tounderstand every word.

Contact The Hearing Experts today to learn more about the Signia solutions that best suit your needs.

With the slogan Be Brilliant™, Signia focuses on finding the right tools and support to help people with hearing loss live life to the fullest. The brand believes that “hearing quality has never been more meaningful than in today’s fast-paced world, where a missed or misheard word can mean a missed opportunity.”

Signia does not want people who are hard-of-hearing to have to settle for average hearing quality as may have been the case until now. The company’s goals are clear-cut:

  • To improve the quality of sound using state-of-the-art technologies
  • To persevere in the face of limitations caused by hearing loss
  • To go beyond just improving sound quality and offer all the possible benefits for people who are hard-of-hearing
  • To enable people to hear better than ever before
  • To fight against the stigma faced by people with hearing loss

For this reason, Signia develops premium hearing aids that are so discreet and technologically advanced that their users will wear them with pride.

By switching to rechargeable hearing aids, the Signia brand wants to reduce its environmental impact. Their line high-performance rechargeable hearing aids make it easier for users to switch from a conventional power supply (batteries) to rechargeable devices. Since the launch of its first rechargeable hearing aid, the brand has expanded its rechargeable range across all models to offer the most complete range of hearing aids available.

So, whether it’s evolving a range of rechargeable hearing aids or evaluating their impact through lifecycle analysis, Signia is committed to being transparent about the actions it takes to reduce its environmental impact and increase its circularity.

Protecting the environment, fighting stigma and raising awareness about hearing health are some of Signia’s main goals in terms of its social impact. These issues fall in line with the concrete, effective and ambitious goals of WSA, Signia’s parent company, which have been established based on five of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, the Sustainability Report issued by WSA presents the numerous measures implemented by Signia to achieve certain company targets, such as carbon neutrality by 2025.

In 2015, the Siemens Audiology Group was transferred to the investment fund ETQ, owned by the Stungmannfamily of entrepreneurs. Then, in 2017, the SIEMENS audiology division responsible for developing andmanufacturing hearing aids became Signa Siemens Audiology Solutions (Signa Solutions Auditives Siemens).

This rebranding took place after Siemens Audiologie was acquired by the German group Sivantos, which hasbeen a world leader in the production of hearing aids for more than 100 years. The group also owns Rextonand Audio Service, employing 5,000 people in more than 25 countries.

In the merger of the two major hearing aid manufacturers, the same workshops, factories, research centre,engineering teams, and repair and commercial businesses were kept. Siemens hearing aids are currentlymanufactured at the historic French headquarters located in Bobigny in Saint-Saint-Denis under the brandname Signia (Signia, solutions auditives Siemens).

In this merger, which marked the birth of the Signia brand, SIVANTOS pledged to respect the tradition of ensuring product quality and reliability. Significant investments have been made, including in the construction of new production facilities in Singapore.

The company has one of the largest research and development budgets in the world in this sector. Thanks to this investment, the group now ranks first in the world in hearing aid sales.

Today, Signia builds on the experience and quality of the Siemens brand to develop more effective and customised hearing aids, including:

  • RIC hearing aids
  • ITE hearing aids
  • Waterproof devices
  • High-tech accessories
  • High-performance and precision software

This varied range of products allows the brand to offer people with hearing loss hearing aids that are tailored to better suit their individual needs.



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